Beam Bugs are manufactured to order, so one has the advantages of colour and accessory choices. More importantly though, the buyer can monitor the progress of the Beam Bug during manufacture and see that we really do build the vehicle the way we say we do.

The fibreglass body parts are manufactured by us and we are very proud of the fact that we make the strongest fibreglass car parts on the market.
Our products have a superb high gloss, chip resistant, UV stabilised gelcoat finish, pigmented in the colour of your choice. The entire assembly process is done by us. This allows us absolute control over our finished product, resulting in the high quality of Beam Bugs and even though our vehicles do conform to these requirements, we continually examine our product for possible areas for improvement.

We are often asked why we’ve always made only short wheel base buggies. The reason is simply that, in its standard form, the Beetle has the reinforced steel body to give the chassis rigidity. If the metal body is replaced with a fibreglass body, the long chassis loses rigidity, chassis flex occurs and the result is greatly reduced road holding ability. Shortening the chassis by 30 to 40cms, corrects the road holding.


The Standard Model includes all of the items listed below :
Buggy body Colour of your choice from our range
Canopy (white) Soft top
Wide wheels Front: 175/65/14 retreads on 6” wide White epoxy rims
Rear : 245/75/15 retreads on 7” wide White epoxy rims
Bucket seats Low back; fully upholstered – wide range of colours
Exhaust 4 into 1 Stainless steel (5 year guarantee)
Roll bar Zinc + epoxy coated white
Front bumper Heavy duty zinc + epoxy coated white
Rear bumper Heavy duty zinc + epoxy coated white
Steering wheel Small (black)
Rear view mirror Interior
Wing mirrors Exterior x 2
Carpets Black
Seatbelts New static SABS
Locking petrol cap  
Chassis Rust proofed, which you are invited to inspect before we begin work on your Beam Bug
Speedometer - reconditioned Includes speed and mileage reading plus indicator, high beam, oil and generator warning lights and fuel gauge
Number plate holders Front & rear
Certificates Registration certificate (RC1) to show the buggy has been registered on the ENATIS (National Traffic Information System)  and complies with roadworthy & police engine / chassis clearance requirements.
Guarantee 12 month / 12 000km RSA ONLY

NOTE: new & reconditioned component specifications may vary subject to availability


blue buggy

A number of optional extras are available as detailed below. Many of these are simply alternatives which replace features of the Standard Model. For example, the high back seat replaces the Standard Model low back seat.

Towball For rear bumper
Plug and wiring For lights, etc. while towing
Nerf bars Epoxy coated fits on sides of body
Protects sides of body - can be used as steps
Wheel rims Smith's Traildusters - epoxy coated (set of 4)
Wheel rims Mag wheels
New tyres Bridgestone, Dunlop, etc
Seats High back with built-in headrest
Seats Racing seats
Rear seat set Upholstered to match front seats
Stainless steel spotlights Halogen globes
Stainless steel headlights  
Electronic air horns  
Windscreen washer - electric  
Roof rack Designed for Beam Bug hardtop
Locking wheel nuts  
A-Bar To tow Beam Bug (excluding wiring)
Plug & wiring 'Extension cord' for lights, etc. for A-Bar
Hard Top  
Gauges Rev counter, oil pressure and temperature, etc
PVC rear seat cover To cover parcels, etc., when canopy not in use
Tonneau cover  
Surrey top  
Disc brake conversion (front)  
Electronic ignition  

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