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Beach buggy manufacturing from VW Beetle donor vehicles using new components for brake systems, suspension and engines. Spares – retail and wholesale of new and used Beetle and Golf 1 spares.

Established in Cape Town in 1975 as a manufacturer of glass fibre beach buggies and related spares sales.

Beach buggy demand has been steady from the outset with many clients returning to buy new buggies or upgrade and refurbish their existing bugs. The buggies are entirely hand built at the Beamish Buggy factory with only specialist engineering being outsourced. This approach has remained a cornerstone of the company's’ business practice and an important reason for its sustainability. To date in excess of 1000 buggies have been produced with a similar number of D.I.Y. kits being sold.

Recognition of the company by the South African Bureau of Standards in granting MIB (manufacturer, importer, builder) status to the company reinforces the ideal of high standards that the company strives to maintain. With this foundation the company has increased it’s export market. Realistic prices for both the domestic and foreign market are maintained by ensuring that up to 75% of the buggies’ components are local content.

As VW SA started phasing out beetle spares, the demand for used Beetle spares encouraged the company to start meeting that demand. Many of the parts usually discarded during preparation of donor vehicles for their conversion to beach buggies had now become sought after by both auto body repair centres and private individuals regionally and nationally. This trend has moved the company into the position of being a top supplier of new and used VW spares in the Cape and South Africa, with a growing client base in neighbouring Namibia.


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